We understand that having the right orthotic or brace makes all the difference. Whether it be an AFO or a new pair of orthotic inserts, we strive to give you the quality of life that you deserve.


We use high quality materials and qualified personnel to ensure that your needs are taken care of and that you are happy with your products.


AFO's: Custom and Off the Shelf AFO’s. Gauntlet, Thermoplastic, and Specialty (Arizona Brace, Arizona Brace Extended, Arizona Mezzo, Arizona Slim, Arizona Optima Brace, Thermoplastic, Crow Walker, Closed Toe Walker, Open Walker).

DIABETIC SHOES: We carry Anodyne and Doctor Comfort Shoes. There are many options to choose from. We have Boots, Dress Shoes, Tennis Shoes, and Hiking Boots.

INSERTS: We offer custom and off the shelf inserts.

DAFO's for PEDIATRIC CARE: We offer custom and off the shelf DAFO’s.


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